In his studio practice, Alan creates work informed by the relationship between humans and technology that addresses emergent systems in artificial intelligence, digital landscapes, and image making. He makes use of photography, programming, and electronics to make images and objects. Concepts such as John Searle's Chinese room, Alan Turing's automatic machine, and Victoria Vesna’s database aesthetics serve as the foundation for his studio inquiry, which is then transformed into digital and print images, interactive sensory experiences, and ephemera.

"Alan Perry is not married to any one photographic process- the fine-art photographer, whose work often explores the physicality of the photograph itself, works with whatever process the project lends itself to, from wet-plate collodion to digital manipulation through computer coding."
- ASMP Best of 2015, pg. 24

For more information on Alan's work, print inquiries, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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