The Gross Gloss (2019-ongoing)

original writing, digitally collaged images, with illustrations

Page design in collaboration with Richard Domenico (@richdomenico)

"This host of fools that we have found ourselves in waits near this great enclosure, as the blood-red sky beats us with rain that hurts the flesh, and the wind puts dust in our mouths. We endure the suffering for entrance into the enclosed Garden, which we were promised a portion of. As we wait we turn to our objects of contemplation for sustenance. For those within the Garden share with us visions of the Garden through them, and by seeing them our faith is restored. And truly those within the Garden show kindness to us through these objects, for there are those at the far side of the enclosure, where there is no gate or opportunity to see a fraction of the beautiful grass and other green plants, or hear the precious sounds of birds and animals that wait on the other side of these walls made of minerals and precious things."

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