Within our contemporary culture, I am fascinated by the immediate and unquestioning adoption of new technology. To this end, much of my work explores dissonance between digital and material realities. This dissonance exists just below the surface of our interaction with technology, but oftentimes goes unnoticed.

For Different Ways of Seeing, I have made 20x24 inch print diptychs that ask the viewer to compare a photographic representation of a space with a digital representation of the same physical location. The photographic prints are made from large format negatives and were shot with a very large depth of field, at an aperture of f/64. According to some theories, this is an accurate representation of reality. The digital prints were made from screenshots taken while using Google Maps’ 3D View feature. This topology is used in practice as an accurate representation of reality as well, but competing representations become apparent when they are compared.

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